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Headshots: why they matter to Casting Directors

What makes a great headshot?

I’m often asked to consult with actors, who are either getting headshots for the first time, or others who are updating headshots.  It’s simple: your headshot should tell a story.  It should draw the viewer into you.

When looking at headshots, Casting Directors are simply glancing thru  hundreds of submissions.  Before you decide on your headshot, you have to decide on who you are as an artist and what roles you believe you can play.  Ex: if your headshot shows you in a beard and longer hair, at first glance you would be a quick pick for the role of a hippy…not a corporate tycoon. Decide what overall characterization you’re going for before final decision with your headshot.

You may think you can play anything, but your headshot at a quick glance, might be telling another story. Also, if you have a headshot that shows you bearded with longer hair, and you’ve changed your appearance recently–make sure your agent is aware and can post a note with the submission that your appearance has changed.

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