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Audition hack: how technology and repetition transform performance

Hi all,

It has been way too long since starting my website and fully utilizing it to benefit actors.  This post is the beginning of my weekly commitment to share casting tips and information to move your acting career forward.


Technology has changed the film/TV business dramatically. For actors, it has become a necessity to self tape an audition and use services such as Breakdown Services to submit that audition to casting directors.  Your audition becomes the deciding factor in the final casting decision for the role.  One of the primary notes I give is “I need to see you thinking on camera.” Those are the quiet moments, while I see you processing what you just heard (as if it was not scripted in your sides). The challenge comes in timing, based on the sides, and what looks real and natural on camera.  My suggestion is to utilize 1 or 2 people that you don’t know that well (close friends have a way of telling you what you want to hear)  and have them watch your audition scene, in the room as well as on camera.  Do it over and over, 10 times. Then have your reader improv new dialog that you do not know is coming. Do all the “new” stuff 10 times–and watch your performance transform into more real moments, when you are not anticipating. Why 10 times? Because repetition is practice and practice, no matter what you’re doing, makes you better.

Til next week,


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